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Setting up your new office space is an exciting new venture – and it necessitates office furniture and supplies of the highest quality. At Office Choice, you can consider it sorted. No matter what you need, we will do our best to source it for your business.


But how do you begin to get sorted with planning and buying what you need? Leave it to us, the experts. Whether you’re after sleek modern office desks or are focusing on more ergonomic pieces like comfortable chairs, we’ve got a range that covers all the bases. Read on to discover the ins and outs of planning and designing your office’s interior with Office Choice.

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There is so much you can say and do through your office furniture. With Office Choice, you always have a say in the spaces you create and why. Let us help you to find the perfect pieces for your new workplace. Office Choice also offers customer furniture fitouts plans for your business.


What Should Be Considered Before Buying Office Furniture?

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing your office furniture. These include:


As the one responsible for office planning or design, your overall budget is the first detail to get squared away. This estimation will help you find office furniture that suits your needs and budget while providing comfort, functionality, and a fitting aesthetic.


The next determining factor is the layout of your new office. Do you have the measurements needed? Have you drafted a plan of what can fit where? Consider the flow of the space, what’s required of your team, and how you can design an office that is comfortable and convenient for everyone.


When it comes to office furniture, comfort cannot be overstated. Ergonomic office furniture has become essential in the modern workplace. We spend so much time communicating online or doing most of the work with the help of technology that we need extra lumbar support. Ergonomic office furniture is the ideal solution to a novel problem.

Team Needs

Talk to your team about what they need to make the office better. Some people may need standing desks, while others are keen on an extra lamp for better lighting. Discuss it with your colleagues so you can better understand and plan your new office space.


Does your office have built-in storage, and is it enough? What storage solutions do you have available to you? How much storage will your team need? Although not often considered until the last minute, storage is an essential part of any busy team, and this type of office furniture should not be overlooked.


Often considered towards the end of the decision-making process, style is an essential factor when it comes to choosing office furniture. The style of your office is directly influenced by its furniture, so ask yourself what aesthetic encompasses your company. If you’re going to be meeting clients in the space, what would best underline your organisation? If you’re focused on functionality and comfort, how can you still make it an appealing and welcoming space to work?


Office furniture is a long-term investment, so it’s vital to buy pieces that are of solid quality and will last your team a long time. The furniture should be able to withstand daily use without much wear and tear..