Environmental Standards

Office Choice Ltd is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment wherever possible. Our environmental performance is essential to our success and our ambition to improve environmental awareness.

Our Commitment

We promote active partnerships at international, national, regional and local levels to further enhance environmental initiatives and improve operations. We support and encourage our head office and stores to implement environmental advocacy and employ such programs within their workplaces.

We appreciate that most businesses have their own set of sustainability beliefs and practices. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and to assist customers to make more considered choices, we developed a suite of environmentally friendly products that feature in our Green Choice catalogue. Printed on 100% recycled FSC accredited paper, green choice products are recycled, recyclable, carbon-neutral or have an environmental standing. Suppliers deemed them to have a decreased impact on the environment. This suite also includes our Office Choice Copy Paper, which is accredited carbon-neutral. We are committed to sustainability and require our paper mills to meet high international standards in both forestry and paper manufacturing. Their processes have been rigorously tested and the respective environmental declarations have been collected. 

Green Choice

View our Green Choice Catalogue here.

Our commitment to environmental improvement is always evolving. Continued support of our products and programs will ensure that our environmental resolve will strengthen while our carbon footprint will decrease. Something that's good for everyone.