Office Choice Top 10 2020

1 2 3 4 5 10 9 8 7 6 A4 COPY PAPER BALLPOINT PEN DL ENVELOPES LAMINATING POUCH LASER LABELS SHEET PROTECTORS BINDING COVERS ADHESIVE NOTES WHITEBOARD LEVER ARCH FILES Hi-white, 80gsm and premium quality.This Australian Made paper is the right choice for all of your printing needs. These premium quality laminating pouches come with rounded corners for safety, and will protect your document with a glossy professional finish. These 300gsm leather-look covers are professional and add that final touch to your document. Suitable in coil and wire machines. Save time and money, and professionally print labels at home or work with Office Choice Laser Labels. Suitable for photocopiers and laser printers. Stick it to your bad memory with Office Choice Adhesive notes, perfect for reminders, messages and more. Office Choice Ballpoint Pens are a breeze to write with. Available In black, blue, and red, they’re hard wearing with a medium line. The most popular sized envelope, in a range of convenient pack sizes. Ideal for home offices, or low volume users, their self-strip sealing makes posting simple. Tear and crack resistant, Office Choice Sheet Protectors allow documents and photocopies to be kept for years without reaction with the pocket. Made from recycled material, and recyclable themselves, this environmentally friendly filing option is an efficient way to organise your documents. Present, brainstorm and plan with the Office Choice Whiteboard. It’s suitable for general purpose use in the office, school, or home.