Back to Work Brochure 2022

Get Back To Work Ready The Return of the Remote Worker connect with us visit for details @ @ INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% BIC Intensity Permanent Fine Marker Box of 12 •Bring a bold and colourful flair to your creations with these durable, non-toxic, low-odour, acid-free markers Black 2324936 Blue 2324937 Red 2324938 Green 2324939 $9.83 per box Spirax® Notebooks •Feint ruled notebooks to suit all your writing needs •When open, lays flat for easy use P560 112x77mm Ruled 96 Page 508519 $0.83 P563A 200mm x 127mm 200 Page 635010 $2.86 P570 A5 200 Page Side Opening 635011 $3.67 P595A A4 240 Page Side Opening 508531 $6.27 $0.83 each GBC 7000L Fusion A3 Laminator •With just a 1 min warm up time and class leading speed at 13 seconds per A4 makes this a perfect office companion 634485 Kensington SmartFit Monitor Stand Black & Grey •Ease your neck and eye strain in style with the efficient SmartFit Monitor Stand. SmartFit™ system lets you adjust monitor height to your personal requirements Standard (max weight 18kg) 520102 $36.52 Premium (max weight 36kg) 520103 $44.72 $497each $36.52 each From From Notebooks Back To Work Checklist Is your home or office restocked, re-equipped, redecorated and ready to go? Use our checklist to ensure you are Back to Work Ready!  Sweeten your Online Order Order $250 incl GST or more online and receive a FREE 190g bag of Allens Party Mix* on your first order. Available via redemption. See website for details. *Conditions apply ON SALE NOW UNTIL FEBRUARY 27tH 2022

2 BACK TO WORK CHECKLIST BACK TO WORK CHECKLIST Notebooks Laminators  Monitor & Laptop Stands Correction Tape Ballpoint Pen Pyjamas  Permanent Markers  Whiteboard Markers Copy Paper Lever Arch Binders Grip Spots Pants Archive Box Suspension Files Stapler Post-it Notes Sticky Dry Erase Privacy Screen Label Printers Scanners Air Purifiers Shredders Mouse & Keyboard Ugg Boots Laptop Backpack  Charge & Sync Cables Desks and Chairs Whiteboard Back Supports Slippers Cutlery  Coffee & Hot Chocolate Mentos Lollies Haircut Get Back To Work Ready Is your home or office restocked, re-equipped, redecorated and ready to go? Use our checklist to ensure you are Back to Work Ready! RETURN OF THE REMOTE WORKER GET BACK TOWORK BIC 4 Colour Original Ballpoint Retractable Medium 1mm Pen •The classic 4 colour pen with the choice of blue, black green and red ink all in one pen 521992 BIC Cristal Original Ballpoint Medium 1mm Pen Box of 50 •The world-renowned quality ballpoint pen with a transparent barrel for visible ink supply Black 521962 Blue 521963 Red 496342 Pentel Energel Retractable Gel Pen Box of 12 •Its low viscosity, smooth flowing and quick drying liquid gel ink gives you the ultimate writing experience BL1N104 0.5mm Black 510599 BL1N104 0.5mm Blue 510601 BL1N104 0.5mm Red 510600 BL1107 0.7mm Black 521745 BL1107 0.7mm Blue 521747 BL1107 0.7mm Red 521746 BL110 1.0mm Black 521748 BL110 1.0mm Blue 521750 BL110 1.0mm Red 521749 PaperMate Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Recycled Correction Tape •Side applicating tape lays down smooth and corrects instantly, no drying time and no mess 2385323 $2.63 each $3.43 each $2.23 each $16.97 per box $26.76 per box of 12 $41.16 per box $31.56 per box of 12

3 BACK TOWORK ON SALE NOW UNTIL FEBRUARY 27th 2022 PaperMate Flex Grip Ultra Retractable Ballpoint Pen •Always have a smooth writing experience with added rings for comfort and control •Made from 42% recycled material 0.8mm Black 521906 0.8mm Blue 521907 1.0mm Black 521904 1.0mm Blue 521905 PaperMate Kilometrico Capped Ballpoint Pen •High quality yet economical smooth writing pen that writes for over a kilometre Black 521984 Blue 521985 Red 521986 Sharpie Magnum Permanent Marker •Featuring an extra wide, durable wool felt tip and aluminium barrel, it is designed to be used under demanding conditions Black Chisel 8-15mm 522171 Sharpie Aluminium Barrel Permanent Black Marker •Excellent for marking corrugate, wood, metal, foil, stone, plastic, leather and more 522164 Texta Liquid Chalk Dry Wipe Marker •Designed for use on glossy surfaces. Good for windows, mirrors, whiteboards, ceramics, metal and other non-porous surfaces Bullet 4.5mm Wallet 6 522367 $24.57 Jumbo Chisel 15mm Wallet 4 522368 $40.83 Texta Liquid Chalk Wet Wipe Marker •Designed for use on glossy surfaces and porous blackboards. The only chalk marker suitable for non-Glossy general blackboards! Simply wet wipe with water Bullet 4.5mm Wallet 6 522397 $34.26 Jumbo Chisel 15mm Wallet 4 522398 $47.17 $24.57 each $2.17 each $0.54 each $8.58 each $2.77 each Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker •A permanent marker that dries in seconds, is colour intensive, low odour and waterproof on most surfaces Chisel Point Black 522154 $2.67 each Bullet Point Black 522142 $2.67 each Chisel Point Assorted 8 Pack 2183372 $19.93 per wallet Bullet Point Assorted 8 Pack 2183374 $19.93 per wallet Staedtler Lumocolor Whiteboard Marker •Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces like glass and porcelain without leaving a trace Assorted Bright 4 Pack 2572117 $11.37 Assorted Bright 6 Pack 2572118 $17.66 Assorted Bright 8 Pack 514117 $19.93 Assorted Bright 10 Box 2572119 $27.77 Bright Pink 10 Pack 2572131 $27.77 Bright Light Blue 10 Pack 2572132 $27.77 Bright Light Green 10 Pack 2572130 $27.77 $40.83 each $34.26 each $47.17 each $11.37 per pack $19.93 per wallet From $33.24 per box of 12 $102.96 per box of 12 $6.48 per box of 12 $26.04 per box of 12

4 WHATEVER YOU WANT WHATEVER YOU NEED IT FOR Reflex Copy Paper Tinted 80gsm Ream of 500 •Reflex Colours A4 is a premium, high-quality office paper and the superior tinted paper choice for all your office and home needs •Reflex True Colours is acid-free and meets the International Standard for Permanent Papers (ISO 9706) Reflex Ultra White Copy Paper 80gsm •Reflex Ultra White is certified carbon neutral paper is made with Ink Wise technology to deliver bold, vibrant print results without the need for extra ink or toner •Certified to the Australian Forestry Standard and NCOS Carbon Neutral Certified •Proudly Australian made A4 Ream of 500 520574 A3 Ream of 500 520575 A4 Unwrapped 2500 520576 Reflex 100% Recycled Copy Paper A4 80gsm White Ream of 500 •Reflex 100% Recycled White is high quality recycled paper that achieves excellent whiteness. It now also features Ink Wise‚ delivering a new standard in its print and paper performance •Proudly Australian made A4 520577 A4 Blue 520602 A4 Gold 520605 A4 Green 520606 A4 Pink 520607 A4 Sand 520603 A4 Yellow 520604 A3 Blue 520609 A3 Green 520613 A3 Pink 520614 A3 Sand 520610 A3 Yellow 520611

5 Marbig Linen PE A4 75mm Lever Arch Binder •75mm capacity with locking lever arch mechanism to keep pages secure Deep Red 617631 Sky Blue 617635 Purple 617637 Coral 617639 Royal Blue 617638 Lime 617640 ColourH’de Notebooks Spiral A4 Side Bound 120 Page Purple 2200923 $4.33 Spiral A4 Side Bound 120 Page Aqua 2200925 $4.33 Spiral A5 Side Bound 200 Page Purple 2200941 $5.13 Subject A4 5 Subject Side Bound 250 Page Purple 2200926 $9.74 Subject A4 5 Subject Side Bound 250 Page Aqua 2200929 $9.74 $6.67 each $24.16 per pack $4.33 each Marbig Professional Series Presentation Folders •Professional presentation and protection of documents, letters and files 20 Pack 523256 $33.73 50 Pack 523258 $54.61 Marbig Archive Box Super Strong •Triple end, double wall and double base constructed standard sized archive box made with the strongest board 523445 Crystalfile Suspension Files •Enviro Double Capacity with Tabs & Inserts •Made of strong board for durability and strength 10 Pack 522710 $38.18 50 Pack 522709 $136.00 Rexel Matador Half Strip Stapler •25 sheet capacity, full rubber base, top loading and metal design for comfort long term use Red 523829 Black 523826 Blue 523827 $8.71 each $24.97 each CONSIDER IT SORTED WITH OFFICE CHOICE Marbig Grip Spots Fasteners •Quality fastening system Strip Fastener Hook & Loop 20mmx1.8m 523750 $24.16 Strip Fastener Hook Only 25mmx3.6m 523752 $24.16 Spots Fastener Hook & Loop 22mmx1.8m 523751 $24.33 Spots Fastener Hook Only 22mmx3.6m 523753 $24.33 Strip Fastener Hook Only 25mmx25m Roll 523754 $74.31 Strip Fastener Loop Only 25mmx25m Roll 523755 $74.31 From From From From $38.18 per pack $33.73 per pack

6 3M MP200PS Precise Mouse Pad •Ultra thin and portable mouse pad with optical & battery saving properties. Extends battery life of wireless mice up to 50% •Draws less current than darker mousing surfaces, which results in extended battery life 519978 3M Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse •Keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the mouse works as a regular optical mouse (EM550GPS) 516354 (EM550GPL) 516355 3M Inline Document Holder DH640 •Adjustable for comfortable ergonomically-correct document viewing for reduction of neck and back strain •45.7cm wide back plate 520118 $14.47 each $148each $164each Post-it Notes 654RP Greener Notes 76mmx76mm Recycled Yellow 100 Sheets 521135 $2.77 Post-It 660 Notes Original 98x149mm Lined Yellow 100 Sheets 521182 $7.73 R335-YL Pop Up Notes 76x76mm Refill Lined Yellow 100 Sheets Pack of 6 521149 $17.33 Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface 1200x900mm Roll •Easy to install, dry erase surface with stain-proof material that erases cleanly every time 524910 Post-It Easel Pads •Ideal for larger presentations, training seminars, large audiences and conferences Post-It 559 Easel Pad 635x775mm White 30 Sheet Pad 524969 $59.83 Post-It 559-RP Easel Pad Self Stick 635x762mm Recycled White 30 Sheet Pad 524972 $59.83 Post It 560 Easel 30 Sheet Pad 635x775mm White Blue Grid Pack of 2 516305 $127.00 $2.77 each $118per roll From $59.83 each Kensington Magnetic Black Privacy Screen •Keep the information on your screen private, reduce blue light, and ease eye strain while enjoying unobstructed viewing 12.5 Inch Laptop 2290400 $99.86 13 Inch Laptop 2290401 $99.86 14 Inch Laptop 2290402 $117 15.6 Inch Laptop 2290403 $126 21.5 Inch Monitor 2290404 $183 23 Inch Monitor 2290405 $217 23.8 Inch Monitor 2290406 $228 24 Inch Monitor 2290407 $243 27 Inch Monitor 2290408 $276 From $99.86 each Kensington Easy Riser Go Black Laptop Stand •Easily adjust the height and angle of your laptop to reduce neck and eye strain and work more comfortably 14 inch 2290422 $29.81 17 Inch 2290423 $33.51 RUNNING A LOCAL BUSINESS IS CHALLENGING From From $29.81 each

7 WE KNOW BECAUSE WE ARE ONE TOO Dymo LabelWriter 550 Label Printer •The new, improved LabelWriter 550 Printer is an efficient, cost effective solution for your professional mailing, filing, and other labelling needs 2571854 $134each Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo Label Printer •The new and improved LabelWriter 550 Turbo printer provides fast effective solutions for your labelling needs using LAN capabilities to print from a network 2571855 $158each Dymo LabelWriter 5XL Label Printer •The LabelWriter 5XL Label Printer is the ideal choice for e-commerce sellers, printing 4” x 6” shipping labels 2571856 $348each Dymo LabelWriter Address Labels •Value Pack of Dymo LabelWriter Address & Shipping Labels 28mm x 89mm 12 Rolls x 130 labels 2344845 $114 54mm x 101mm Shipping 6 Rolls x 220 labels 2344847 $166 36mm x 89mm White 12 Rolls x 260 labels 2344846 $227 104mmx159mm Shipping 6 Rolls x 220 labels 2325935 $229 $114 pack From

8 NOT A CUSTOMER? CALL US TODAY TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT Brother PT-D450 P-Touch Desktop Label Printer •A PC connectable label printer that supports 3.5-18mm TZE tapes •3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 524316 $135each Brother DS-940DW Portable Document Scanner •Featuring a speed of up to 15ipm, duplex (2-sided) scan, USB Power source & lithium ion battery and micro SD card slot •12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty 2209232 $278each TruSens Ai r Pur i f i ers e l iminates 99.99% of a i rborne coronav i rus (SARS-Cov-2) in your indoor space.* *Resu l t s f rom i ndependen t th i rd-pa r t y t es t i ng us i ng aeroso l i zed a i rborne concen t ra t i on o f human coronav i rus 229E over a two- hour per i od i n a sea l ed 30m3 t es t chamber. HCoV-229e i s a we l l - es t ab l i shed sur roga t e for SARS -Cov -2 ( the v i rus tha t c auses COV ID-19) .

9 GBC 3000L Fusion Laminator •Make laminating easy and super fast! Offering professional document finishing with class leading performance. A4 Laminator 525256 $188 A3 Laminator 525257 $237 Intimus 1000CC Cross-Cut Shredder •Shreds 9 sheets per pass into 3.8x48mm cross cut particles. Shred speed 105 sheets per minute. 21 litre waste bin •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Machines and 7 years on Cutter 2594218 Intimus 2500CC Cross-Cut Shredder •Shreds 12 sheets per pass into 4x39mm cross cut particles. Shred speed 140 sheets per minute. 31 litre waste bin •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Machines and 7 years on Cutter 2594220 Intimus 3000CC Cross-Cut Shredder •Shreds 16 sheets per pass into 3.8x38mm cross cut particles. Shred speed 170 sheets per minute. 39 litre waste bin •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Machines and 7 years on Cutter 2594222 LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES Rexel Optimum Autofeed+ Shredder 150X •Shreds 150 sheets per pass into 4x28mm cross cut particles •Security level P-4 •44L pull out bin, 30min run time and a low noise level •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 2325407 $378each Rexel Optimum Autofeed+ Shredder 300M •Automatically shred up to 300 A4 sheets of paper at a time, into P-5 (2x15mm) micro cut pieces •Security level P-5 •60L pull out bin, 60min run time and a low noise level •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 2325414 $823each Rexel X308 Momentum Cross-Cut Shredder •Shreds 8 sheets per pass into 5x42mm cross cut particles •Security level P-3 •15L bin capacity, 100%, jam proof and energy saving technology •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 707995 $114each Rexel X312 Momentum Cross-Cut Shredder •Shreds 12 sheets per pass into 5x42mm cross cut particles •Security level P-3 •23L bin capacity energy saving paper jam prevention technology •2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 707997 $206each $188each $397each $512each $688each $1388each GBC Laminating Pouches A4 80 Micron Gloss Pack of 100 509598 $19.69 A3 80 Micron Pack of 100 509595 $42.76 From GBC Foton 30 Automated Laminator •Make lamination easy with this fully automated laminator that feeds, trims and laminates at the touch of a button 2200839

10 PROUDLY LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Kensington Ergosoft Black Mouse Pad •Work without strain with the ergosoft mouse pad featuring a premium ultrasoft exterior supported by gel-cushioned padding for your wrist 2290388 Kensington Suretrack Dual Wireless Mouse •Highly accurate sensor tracks hand movements on even the most difficult surfaces providing uninterrupted productivity Black 2290413 White 2290417 Kensington Profit Vertical Wireless Mouse •Amplify your productivity with the Profit Vertical Wireless Mouse, ideal for machines with or without Bluetooth functionality Black 2290398 Grey 2290399 Kensington Contour 2.0 Messenger & Laptop Bag •Carry, protect, and secure your laptop, tablet, and accessories in style with a thoughtfully designed Kensington backpack or messenger bag Messenger Bag 2290428 Laptop Backpack 2201656 Kensington Dual Wireless Ergo Keyboard •Work without strain with the ergonomist approved design that positions your hand for improved comfort Black 2290391 Grey 2290392 Kensington Pro Fit Wired Keyboard •Ergonomist approved, fully padded wrist rest for comfort and support with nine-way adjustable feet for customizable fit Low Profile Wireless 519993 USB Washable Wireless 2201660 Verbatim Charge & Sync Cables •Beautifully designed from high quality materials, Verbatim Sync & Charge Cables transfer files to and from your devices USB-C Cable 50cm White 2387260 $8.53 USB-C Cable 1m White 2387261 $9.63 USB-C Cable 2m White 2387262 $14.83 USB-C to USB-C Cable 1m White 2387263 $15.44 Lightning Cable 50cm White 2387257 $19.47 Lightning Cable 1m White 2387258 $22.92 Lightning to USB-C Cable 1m White 2387259 $22.92 Verbatim USB Hubs •Experience fast and efficient connection with a streamlined Verbatim Hub USB-A 3.0 Hub with 4 USB-A Hub 2387274 $21.48 USB-C to 4 Port USB-A Hub 2387275 $26.36 Verbatim 1080P Full HD Webcam Black/Silver •The 1080p Full HD resolution of this webcam gives you high-quality video that works with all the major platforms for video conferencing and streaming 2387276 $39.46 each $37.37 each $66.36 each $129.62 each $97.31 each $39.23 each $8.53 each $21.48 each $59.34 each From From

11 *Freight and assembly charges may apply Contact us for our special pricing* $69.32 each $58.63 each $12.57 each BACK TO WORK CHECKLIST ARE YOU READY? Floortex 2000 Anti Fatigue Standing Mat •Designed to reduce the strain on feet, legs and back joints caused by prolonged standing by up to 40% •10 year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty 40x60cm Black 621756 $69.32 40x60cm Grey 621757 $69.32 66x90cm Black 621761 $176.00 Kensington Adjustable Footrest Black •Features non-slip surface and 3 different height adjustments and relieves pressure on lower back •Platform dimensions W450xD350mm, max height 125mm 525355 Kensington Mesh Back Support Black •Easy to attach, remove and reposition, increases air flow and can help to reduce back pain 2201658 Rapidline Medium Mesh Back Operator Chair •With a large 110kg capacity, 8-hour seating time and a fabric seat with mesh back this chair has all the perks to keep you comfortable all day long •5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 525508 Rapidline High Back Heavy Duty Ergo Chair •Your perfect office chair featuring 150kg capacity, fabric back and seat and an 8-hour seating time •10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 525488 Rapidline Heavy Duty Mesh Operator Chair •Featuring 165kg capacity, 8-hour seating time and a fabric seat with mesh back •10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 609134 Deluxe Infinity Desk •Create a space efficient workspace with Deluxe Rapid infinity, designed to maximise leg space, workstation strength and user communication. Features adjustable levelling feet to make sure it’s always stable •Colours available Top: natural oak & natural white Legs: white & black •Sizes available: 1200mm W, 1500mm W & 1800mm W •5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Rapidline Standard Aluminium Frame Whiteboards •Hard-wearing whiteboard surface, perfect for commercial use featuring a strong aluminium frame •5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Chair not included From 900 x 600mm 502669 $87.23 1200 x 900mm 502664 $148 1200 x 1200mm 2192284 $215 1500 x 900mm 502665 $217 1500 x 1200mm 2192285 $251 1800 x 900mm 502667 $248 $87.23 each From

Terms & Conditions – Office Choice Back to Work 2022 Promotion: Offers apply 17/01/2022 - 27/02/2022. Sweeten Your Online Order: Free 190g bag of Allen’s Party Mix Lollies (or equivalent) is available on redemption using the code listed on our website when your purchase $250 inc gst or more online in one transaction online. Code must be used online to redeem offer. This offer applies for your first online order only during the promotion period. Goods can not be redeemed for cash or substituted for another product. Limit one per customer. Items in this publication were correct at time of printing. All prices are inclusive of GST. Stores that range limited stock may have a different but comparable product available. Failure of supplier delivery or unforeseen circumstances could result in items being unavailable.Display accessories are not included in price.“Bonus” items advertised are provided at time of purchase unless stipulated. We reserve the right to correct errors,misprints and to change product specifications. Delivery charges and minimum pack quantities may apply to some products – direct enquiries to your local Office Choice store.Terms and conditions apply to all promotions,bonuses and special offers. Full details are available at Office Choice Ltd, Head Office.ABN 14 077 437 097. Level 2, 99 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205. ™Trade Mark of Office Choice Ltd. INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED 100% AT OFFICE CHOICE WE’RE MAKING LOCAL WORK making local work $6.91 per pack $99.93 per carton $138 per carton $15.91 each $9.86 per pack $13.95 each TruSens Ai r Pur i f i ers e l iminates 99.99% of a i rborne coronav i rus (SARS-Cov-2) in your indoor space.* *Resu l t s f rom i ndependen t th i rd-pa r t y t es t i ng us i ng aeroso l i zed a i rborne concen t ra t i on o f human coronav i rus 229E over a two- hour per i od i n a sea l ed 30m3 t es t chamber. HCoV-229e i s a we l l - es t ab l i shed sur roga t e for SARS -Cov -2 ( the v i rus tha t c auses COV ID-19) . NOW EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19* *COVID-19 VIRUS (SARS-CoV-2) ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. AUST L 351030 AUST L 351104 Breakroom Wooden Stirrers Pack 1000 •Natural wood construction and are biodegradable for use in cafes for use in cafes, workplace tea rooms and more 140mmx5mmx1.3mm 2573052 $6.91 114mmx10mmx2mm 2325525 $9.26 Earth Heavy Duty Sugarcane Eco Paper Plates, Carton 500 •Durable & environmentally friendly disposable plates 7” (180mm) Round 2573054 $99.93 9” (230mm) Round 2573055 $148 Cutlery 160mm Pack 100 •Environmentally friendly natural wood disposable cutlery, convenient and hygienic for any occasion Fork 2573058 Spoon 2573059 Knife 2573060 Breakroom Eco Double Wall Paper Cup White Carton of 500 •Featuring effective insulation qualities and the most economical solution for takeaway hot drinks 8oz 2573061 $138 12oz 2573063 $171 $10.91 each From From From From From 230mm 180mm Coffee & Hot Chocolate •Keep everyone happy with the best quality hot beverages Chocolate Mix Soft Pack 750G 526131 $15.91 Nescafe Blend 43 Jar 250G 511065 $22.58 Nescafe Blend 43 Can 1Kg 526059 $69.96 Nescafe Blend 43 Stick Pack x 1000 1.7G 526062 $193 Mentos Pillowpack •Perfect for sharing around the office, parties and conferences Mint 200 Pce 540gm 526220 $10.91 Fruit 200 Pce 540gm 526221 $10.91 Spearmint 200 Pce 540gm 526222 $10.91 Choco Caramel 100 Pce 420gm 682037 $13.93 Allen’s Lollies Bulk Packs •Delicious bulk confectionery treats are perfect for meetings, conferences and functions Allen’s Party Mix 1.3kg 526216 Allen’s Minties 1kg 526213 Allen’s Snake’s Alive 1.3kg 526212 Allen’s Strawberry & Cream 1.3kg 526217